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This specialist cleaner is safe to use on any hard flooring surface. It was designed to help clean floors when they are being fitted. It aids the removal of fitting residues leaving surfaces in an as new condition or ready for other forms of treatment. .



We recommend that this product be used especially when fitting polished or glazed tiles so as to avoid etching the surface which is likely to happen if an acid based product is used. This product is a unique blend of safe detergents and surfactants that will actually dissolve cement residues and dirt and in turn collect them on the surface for easy removal.


Directions for use

After fitting use SMP. Intensive Clean to remove any residues by diluting it with 1 part product to 5 parts clean water and wash the floor as normal. For more stubborn marks agitate with a stiff brush if needed. Rinse of any residues thoroughly with clean water (changing water frequently) and allow to dry before treating with any other products. Tip (A half cupful of vinegar added to the final wash water will neutralise the floor and will therefore safeguard the possibility of any applications of sealer /impregnator being attacked)



1 Litre of product will clean approximately 50 sq. metres. of tiles diluted


Technical information and C.O.S.H.

See relevant notes at the back of this Product Guide

** NB Always test this product on a small inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility **


Safety Information