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Grout Sealer







This superior high quality solvent based sealer was designed to seal, protect and prevent grout from staining, quickly and easily, by forming an invisible film preventing the penetration of water, oil, grease or food stuffs which in turn will prevent the grout lines from absorbing dirt, keeping them looking clean and new for much longer. NB THIS PRODUCT IS FOR BOTH INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR USE



This is a styrite sealer which is non silicone based and uses only white spirit as its carrier. As a result of this if an overlap of this product comes into contact with the surface of the tile it can be easily removed using a cloth dampened in white spirit. We recommend that a minimum of two coats are applied to the grout lines and where the lines are on a vertical surface the product should be applied liberally. NB make sure that old grout lines are cleaned properly before sealing as the sealer will seal in dirt and stains permanently.


Directions for use

Make sure that the grout lines are clean and dry prior to applying SMP.Grout Sealer. Apply the sealer liberally using a fine brush and allow the product to penetrate the grout lines for 1 - 2 hours. Repeat this process and allow to dry overnight. Further coats may be applied if one deems it necessary and this will only enhance the performance of the Grout Sealer.



To keep the sealed grout lines in pristine condition we recommend that you use an appropriate product from the SMP range as a regular cleaning agent depending on the tiles in question i.e. SMP Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Cleaner, SMP.Porcelain Maintainer, SMP Sealed Floor Maintainer. Avoid common off the shelf household cleaning products, as these can contain harmful caustics and bleaches, which in turn will affect the performance of the SMP Grout Sealer.



We recommend that the grout lines be given a deep clean when deemed necessary using SMP Grout Cleaner which will return them to their original newly sealed condition .



Coverage will depend greatly on the porosity of the grout lines and will vary from from 5 - 10sq mtrs per litre.

Technical information and C.O.S.H. See relevant information at the back of this product guide

** NB Always test this product on a small inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility **