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Grout Cleaner







This non solvent active cleaning agent was designed to act on all organic soiling, grease, fat and general dirt binding these together so making the removal quick and easy by simply washing away with water leaving grouting and tiles bright and hygienically clean again.



It is an alkaline cleaning agent which contains powerful clinging agents which in turn allows the product to remain on vertical surfaces such as tiled walls long enough for it to work effectively without running. It returns grouting to its original colour and removes grease build ups around kitchen hobs etc…


Directions for use

Apply directly to the surface with sponge or spray bottle and allow to stand for approximately 10 minutes before wiping off, removing all soiling. On heavier contaminated surfaces agitate with a stiff brush before rinsing away.



Approx. 25 sq. mtrs of grouted tiles per litre



To keep grout and wall tiles in pristine condition use only SMP. Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Cleaner as the regular cleaning agent. To keep grout and floor tiles in pristine condition use only SMP. Sealed Floor Maintainer as the regular cleaning agent.


Technical Information and C.O.S.H/

See relevant notes at the back of this Product Guide


** NB Always test this product on a small inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility **