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This highly effective cleaner in a concentrated form is designed to disinfect, deodorise and sanitise bathroom areas quickly, easily and cost effectively by removing soap scum, body fats oils and grease while stopping mildew formation, and will prolong and enhance the life of any bathroom area.


This product can be used safely in all bathroom and wet areas in the knowledge that it will not do any harm to taps, shower doors, glazed tiles, sanitary ware or any hard surface. It kills all odour producing bacteria at source and it will leave a long lasting fragrant smell in the area where it used.SMP. Ceramic Tile & Bathroom Cleaner can be used with either cold or warm water.

Directions for use

Dilute with 20 parts water and clean surfaces with a mop, cloth or sponge. For more stubborn stains use this product undiluted applying directly to the marks such as bath rings, leave for 5 - 10 minutes to give the product time to work, agitate if necessary and finally rinse off the residue with clean water. Please note that this product is particularly effective at cleaning shower doors and shower areas where body fat is residues are most prevalent.


1 litre of SMP.Ceramic Tile & Bathroom Cleaner will clean approx. 300sq.metres.


 Try to avoid using off the shelf household cleaners as these can contain harmful caustics and bleaching agents that can damage or dull surfaces being cleaned such as ceramic floor and wall tiles, plated taps and shower enclosures.

Technical information and C.O.S.H.

See notes at the back of this Product Guide

** NB Always test this product on a small inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility **



Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Cleaner