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This unique product which was designed in conjunction with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive, provides an ideal cost effective solution, that can be applied to substrates such as concrete, timber, stone etc.. which in turn will enhance and help to retain the original colour, whilst at the same time will protect the surface against the elements of weathering, and the formation of plant life. It is an impregnating sealer that penetrates the surface and forms an extremely hard wearing, invisible barrier. It will help protect surfaces from fading due to ultra violet light, and as it stops the penetration of water, it will also make any such surface much easier to clean should the need arise. This unique product will as well as stopping the penetration of water, dirt, grime, smog etc.. allow the substrate to breathe, so it will not crumble or deteriorate from the inside. SMP Weather Seal can also be used to repair surfaces that have been damaged due to power washing or weathering over the years. This is achieved by itís sealing nature, which binds loose or flaking particles together, sealing any porous areas, and restoring the surface to itís original state.



SMP Weather Seal contains a unique micro - porous structure which leaves an extremely hard wearing and durable finish, that will withstand constant weathering and at the same time allow the substrate to breathe, This product will, if applied correctly, restore and protect the surface, preventing deterioration for a minimum period of 5 years. If after a period of time plant life does manage to adhere to the surface, this can be easily removed by applying SMP Moss Away, which is a self acting product which when applied is left on the surface, killing the plant spores and growths, and will actively stop re-growth for a minimum period of 3 years. This product will no affect the performance of SMP Weather Seal.


Directions for use

Make sure the surface is clean and dry and apply SMP Weather Seal by means of brush, roller or spray. Use the product in itís neat state, do not thin in any way as this will greatly diminish the performance. Allow the substrate to dry thoroughly before use. Ideally SMP Weather Seal will be dry in 15 minutes. Drying times may vary due to temperature conditions. Always follow instructions carefully and wear suitable protective clothing as is with any chemical. Always have the relevant C.O.S.H. readily available in case of misuse or accidental spillage.

** NB Always test this product on a small inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility **