Wash And Shine

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This unique product was designed for the regular treatment of any hard floor surface leaving a rich gloss finish which in turn enhances the colour and appearance of any floor. SMP. Wash and Shine must only be used directly after the surface has been cleaned with SMP. Sealed Floor Maintainer.



This product is a must in every household because of its versatility . It can be used on all forms of hard surfaces such as tiles, wood, vinyl and stone. It is ideal if one wishes to brighten up a conservatory floor or living room or hall floor for that special occasion. It can be done quickly and effectively and it is practically odourless. The job can be done in the space of an hour and will last for months. Also if one wishes to remove the glossy finish this can be done easily using SMP. Sealed Floor Stripper.


Directions for use

Remove any surface dirt or dust by brushing or vacuuming and then mop floor using SMP.Sealed Floor Maintainer in the wash water. After mopping apply the Wash and Shine directly from the bottle onto the surface and spread evenly in a north south direction with a well rung out mop and let stand for 30mins. Apply a second coat if desired this time in an east west direction and allow to stand for a further 30 mins. Refrain from giving the floor heavy abuse for the first day to allow the product to cure but the floor can be walked on approx 1 hour after application.



This product may be used in a regular basis to enhance floors but may be used on an infrequent basis as well to promote a rich sheen. Use only SMP. Sealed Floor Maintainer as the regular cleaning agent as this will prolong the life of the rich gloss finish.



1 litre of Wash and Shine will treat approx 50 sq mtrs depending on the surface type


Technical information

See relevant notes at the back of this Product Guide

** NB Always test this product on a small inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility **