Tough Coat Gloss

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This specialist product was designed to be used on any hard flooring surface to give a rich hard wearing gloss finish which is anti - slip and easy to keep clean. It enhances the colour and the appearance of any floor that is treated and because it is water based it is easily applied, quick drying and has no obnoxious smells. This product is suitable for all forms of tiles, wooden floors or vinyl. It can be applied over SMP. Stain Guard and SMP. Stone Sealer Matt and will adhere to surfaces even with a very low porosity.



As this product has practically no smell and dries very quickly it is ideal for use in public places such as Bars, Restaurants, Leisure Centres etc… where time is of the essence. Also as there is a metalised agent incorporated in this product it out performs many of its rivals giving a much tougher longer lasting shine and greatly reduces the need to strip and reapply.


Directions for use

Apply 2 - 3 thin coats sparingly to the pre-cleaned and totally dry surface with a clean mop, brush or sponge. (Care should be taken to ensure that all residues from cleaning or stripping products are neutralised prior to application by cleaning the surface with clean water with a half cup of vinegar added.) Apply the first coat in a north south direction, and when dry the second coat in an east west direction and so on until the desired finished is achieved. Allow approx. 30 minutes between coats. NB. The more coats that are applied the more of a shine will result.



Use only SMP. Sealed Floor Maintainer as a regular cleaning agent as this will clean and repair minor surface scratches that occur keeping the floor looking better for longer. SMP.Wash & Shine should be used after wear and tear to promote a rich sheen and greatly prolong time consuming restoration.



1 Litre will cover approximately 25 sq. metres (3 coats)

Technical information and C.O.S.H. see relevant notes at the back of this Product Guide

** NB Always test this product on a small inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility **