Slate Sealer Gloss

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This high quality solvent based sealer was designed to seal, protect and enhance the colour of natural or artificial porous stone surfaces, quickly and easily, leaving a tough durable easy clean rich gloss finish.



It contains high quality acrylics in a solvent base whish leaves an extremely hard wearing, durable finish that will actually increase the slip resistance of the surface leaving it impervious to acid, alkali, oil, grease, soap and water making it ideal for domestic or commercial applications.


Directions for use

After tiles have been fitted but before grouting they should be cleaned thoroughly using SMP Heavy Duty Residue Remover / SMP Intensive Clean added to the wash water to remove any adhesive or dust residues, following the instructions carefully. When totally dry a single coat of this sealer can be applied and allowed to dry overnight. After grouting repeat instructions as above and apply a second coat of sealer. This sealer is touch dry in 2-3 hours but cures over the following 3-4 days during which time heavy traffic and washing the floor should be avoided to achieve the best results.



To maintain the sealed surface only use SMP Sealed Floor Maintainer as the regular cleaning agent as this will prolong the life and appearance of the sealed surface. SMP Wash and Shine should be used when required to promote a rich gloss appearance after wear. Using these products will greatly prolong the need for time consuming restoration.



We recommend that the sealed floor be stripped back when required using SMP Sealed Floor Stripper and then re-sealed as above to keep tiles in pristine condition.



Approx 10sq.m per litre applying 2 coats

Technical information and C.O.S.H. See relevant notes at the back of this Product Guide.

** NB Always test this product on a small inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility **