No More Moss

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A revolutionary new formulation which not only destroys moss, mildew, mould and algae but prevents their growth at any time. Can be used interior and exterior surfaces. Developed for use on drives, paths, walls, roofs, fencing etc, in fact anywhere moss is a problem. This product is safe to use on concrete, tarmac, slates, tiles, wood, grouting and all forms of plastics.


Directions for use

For interior applications to remove and prevent Black Mould etc… simply spray or brush SMP No More Moss directly on to the surface to be treated. For exterior application No More Moss should only be used in dry weather conditions when surfaces to be treated are bone dry. If the surface is heavily covered in moss or algae, it is recommended that it first be treated with SMP Moss Away. When the dead moss is removed then treat the surface with SMP No More Moss by spraying or brushing ensuring that the surface is thoroughly wetted. This process will effectively prevent moss, mould, algae etc from reforming on the surface again.

** NB Always test this product on a small inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility **