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Method Statement




Rough or Smooth Porcelain / Vitrified Tiles


Cleaning after fitting

To ensure the floor will have the brightest and most colourful appearance the floor needs to be totally cleaned.  This will be made easier and quicker by adding SMP Heavy Duty Residue Remover to the cleaning water, which in turn will break down any adhesive residues while at the same time removing any building dust and general dirt leaving the surface in the best possible condition to be sealed.


Protection (if required).

Most porcelain tiles need very little protection and are generally hard wearing but some may be affected by grout, oil, grease, red wine, foodstuffs etc… If in any doubt we recommend that an application of SMP Stain Guard be applied following the instructions on the bottle carefully which in turn will leave the tiles safe from staining. (NB. If SMP Stain Guard is over applied and the excess dries on the surface this can be removed easily by rubbing the surface with a cloth dampened in white spirit and then buffing it dry with a towel or similar)


Finish required

Porcelain tiles by their nature have a dull appearance. The finish can be enhanced, protected and rendered easier to keep clean by applying 2 - 3 thin coats of SMP Tough Coat Gloss which will leave a hard wearing gloss finish that can be easily re - applied when it wears down.



To keep the newly tiled surface in pristine condition only use SMP Porcelain Maintainer as the regular cleaning agent, as this will not only clean the floor, killing germs and odour producing bacteria without leaving any wax or acrylic build ups which can be slippery, but will also repair any minor surface scratches which may occur, and when dry can be buffed to a high shine if required.



In the case of contracts a specific slip resistance will usually have been specified and the use of cheap cleaning detergents will actively decrease the slip resistance of the tiles, or in a shower area the build up of soap, body fat and general dirt will also decrease the slip resistance. In such cases the use and application  of SMP Floor Tile Restorer to remove all build up layers, thus restoring the original slip resistance of the tile, and then the use of SMP Porcelain Maintainer as a regular cleaning agent, will prolong the slip resistance of the tile,  keeping them safer and cleaner for longer before the process needs repeated.