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All Forms Of Slate


Cleaning after laying

To ensure the floor will have the brightest and most colourful appearance the floor needs to be totally clean and dry before any sealant is applied. This will be made easier and quicker by adding SMP Heavy Duty Residue Remover to the cleaning water which in turn will break down any adhesive residues while at the same time removing any building dust and general dirt leaving the surface in the best possible condition to be sealed.


Sealing before grouting

To stop grout from staining and make it easier to remove, the surface should be sealed prior to grouting (on a pre cleaned DRY surface)  using SMP Slate Sealer Gloss (or equivalent sealing product from the SMP range depending on desired finish). This should be applied in 1 - 2 thin coats, leaving drying time between coats.


Cleaning after grouting

After grouting the surface must be cleaned again using SMP Heavy Duty Residue Remover  to help remove grout and dirt by adding it to the cleaning water. This product has been specially formulated to remove grout and dirt without harming the previous layers of sealant.


Final protection

To prolong the life and beauty of the slate and make it easier to maintain a final 1 - 2 coats of the relevant SMP sealer should be applied on the cleaned, dry surface as before, allowing drying time between coats. In cases of more porous slate extra coats may be required.



To keep the newly sealed slate in pristine condition and to prolong the life of the sealer only use SMP Sealed Floor Maintainer as the regular cleaning agent, as off the shelf household cleaning products can contain harmful caustics which in turn can diminish the life of the sealer and the stone surface. SMP Sealed Floor Maintainer is made to compliment all of the sealers / impregnators in the SMP range, which when used regularly not only keeps the floor clean but also repairs minor surface scratches which may occur.



The sealant will eventually wear down and will need restored. How long this takes will depend on the amount of use but in general the sealant should last approx. 2 - 3 years before needing re - sealed. To remove layers of built up dirt and to prepare the old sealed floor for re-sealing use SMP Sealed Floor Stripper following the instructions on the bottle carefully, and then simply re-seal the slate as before applying 2 - 3 thin coats of sealer.

( NB To remove the old sealant totally from the floor, apply a good quality varnish stripper (ie. Rustinís Varni Strip), let stand for a few minutes untill sealant begins to melt / crack. Tip. Use sawdust to absorb melted sealant which in turn can then be collected from surface using a stiff brush