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Glazed Tiles


Cleaning after laying

To ensure the floor will have the brightest and most colourful appearance the floor needs to be totally clean and dry before any sealant is applied. This will be made easier and quicker by adding SMP Intensive Clean  (NB. never use acid based products on any polished, glazed, or highly honed surfaces,  always read  the label carefully) to the cleaning water which in turn will break down any adhesive residues while at the same time removing any building dust and general dirt leaving the surface in the best possible condition to be sealed.




To keep any glazed tile in pristine condition only use SMP Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Cleaner as the regular cleaning agent, as off the shelf household cleaning products can contain harmful caustics which in turn can diminish the appearance and the life of the tile. Some glazed tiles will have a dull appearance even when new, to replicate natural stone, but these tiles tend to have an enhanced appearance when just cleaned and still wet. To enhance the colour and appearance of these tiles leaving a “wet look” simply apply 2 - 3 thin coats of SMP Tough Coat Gloss which will leave a hard wearing gloss finish which is easy to apply, re - apply, remove (if desired) and will make the tiles easier to maintain.



The floor will eventually become dull over a period of time due to wear and tear and acrylic build ups caused by cleaning. This can be easily remedied by using SMP Floor Tile Restorer following the instructions carefully, which in turn will leave the surface in an “as new “ condition.