Moss Away

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This is a specialist external cleaning product which can be used on any surface to remove green algae, moss and general dirt by itís own self acting formula. It is especially useful on paths, driveways, walls, fences and roofs to clean, brighten and stop the reformation of growths. It is environmentally friendly, non harmful to wildlife and has been approved by Northern Ireland Housing Executive and the Department of the Environment for Northern Ireland.



It is a self acting product which means that it can be applied to a surface and left, killing off spores and any growths whilst actively stopping any re-growth formation for a minimum period of 2 years. This product is best suited for application on dry surfaces where it can be more readily absorbed which means it will have a greater effectiveness and will be faster acting, doing away with the need to scrub or brush the surface after treatment.


Directions for use

Dilute with 5 parts water and apply generously to the affected area with a low pressure sprayer or back pack. After a few days the soiling will die and can be washed away by rain. In the case of heavier soiling dilute with 3 parts water and repeat the process.

** NB Always test this product on a small inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility **