Floor Tile Restorer

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This specialist cleaner was designed to restore tiles back to their original condition removing grease, wax, oil, polishes and ground in dirt that forms on the surface over a period of time. It provides a deep clean and should be used at least once a year to keep tiled floors in mint condition. It restores the original texture of the tiles when fitted and in turn any tile treated will look cleaner and brighter ready to be re-treated with a suitable SMP. Product.



This product is a must when it comes to a deep clean.  The job where every other product on the market has been tried and failed and seems impossible. SMP. Floor Tile Restorer will amaze the end user with the ease it dissolves ground in dirt and does exactly what it says on the bottle RESTORES FLOORS back to their original condition. It is practically odourless and it is very safe to use around acid sensitive surfaces such as metal, glass, polished surfaces etc.. SMP. Floor Tile Restorer can be used with either hot or cold water and due to itís formulation it makes the residues easy to remove from the surface.


Direction for use

Dilute with equal parts of water and apply to surface to be cleaned. Allow to stand for 5 minutes and agitate with a stiff brush. Remove the dirty residue with clean water changing the water regularly. In difficult circumstances you may have to repeat the above steps in order to obtain the desired effect.


Protection and Maintenance

To keep the surface in an as new condition use only SMP. Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Cleaner as your regular cleaning agent. This will not only keep the floor looking great but also disinfect, deodorise and provide a long lasting perfumed smell around the area in question.



1 Litre will restore approximately 30sq. Metres of tiles in its diluted state.


** NB Always test this product on a small inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility **