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Bug And Insect Remover






S.M.P Dead Fly and Insect Remover


Designed for the regular removal of Dead Flys and Insects from Windscreens, Bumpers, Bodywork etc..




Can be used on:


·        Cars

·        Buses

·        Lorries

·        Trains

·        Boats

·        Motor Bikes

·        Planes




For best results


Follow the instructions on this bottle and use regularly instead of other off the shelf products that can be harmful to surfaces



S.M.P Dead Fly and Insect Remover was designed specifically for use in the motor industry whereby it will remove Dead Flys and insects in seconds from vehicle windscreens, bumpers, bodywork etc… effortlessly and safely without fear of damaging the surface, (as could happen if the wrong product was used or by heavy sc rubbing)


S.M.P Dead Fly and Insect Remover is a powerful yet versatile cleaner which has many used in the motor trade such as on cars, buses, lorries, trains, boats, bikes etc..



Directions for use


(N.B Do Not use this product in the sunlight or allow to dry on the surface, also ensure sufficient ventilation)


As this is a ready to use product simply hold the container upright and spray about 6 inches from the affected area, this product will work efficiently on both wet & dry surfaces.  Allow S.M.P Dead Fly and Insect Remover to stand for 1 minute to give it time to work, next agitate the surface with a sponge or brush, and then simply wash off the residue with clean water.  In rare occasions the above steps may need to be repeated to achieve the perfect finish.




Always Read and follow instructions, Keep out of reach of children!